Spike Jump – Avoid The Spikes

Spike Jump – Avoid The Spikes

How far can you go up in the sky without touching the spikes? Spike Jump is an endless and addictive jumping game in which you get to jump through the obstacles and spikes without hitting and touching them.
So, if you are into such jumping games and looking for a time-killer arcade game for your spare time, download Spike Jump for free and see how far you can go.

How far can you make it?
Spike Jump, the endless jumping game, comes with a cool design and the one-touch game play along with user-friendly game play enabling you to get used to the game play after a few tries. You just need to keep tapping on the jumping ball to control it and your only objective is to make sure you get through the spikes, obstacles and other challenges without hitting any of them.
The objects appear on the screen randomly and you need to be fast and precise when it comes to maintaining your position or jumping higher.

Spike Jump main features at a glance:
• High-quality graphics with smooth animations
• Cool sound effects and music
• Addictive and endless jumping game
• One-touch game play
• Different types of spikes, obstacles, and objects to avoid
• Fun for all ages
• Free to play

So, download Spike Jump for free on your Android phone and tablet and do whatever it takes to keep the jumping ball safe and sound. You have to start over as soon as you touch a spike or hit an obstacle.

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