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Frequently Asked Questions

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[basix_icon_text heading=”Where Are You Based?” icon=”FontAwesome-clock-o” icon_size=”32″]We are working from the wonderful city of London, England! One day it is sunny, the next there are hail storms.



[basix_icon_text heading=”Why Are Your Apps All FREE?” icon=”FontAwesome-adjust” icon_size=”32″]Our apps are all free because we hate the idea of making someone have to pay to have fun. Although we do have ads in our apps because we need to cover our costs.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text heading=”What Payment Methods Do You Accept?” icon=”FontAwesome-search” icon_size=”32″]We are pleased to tell you that we accept all credit & debit cards and all of our payments are processed by Stripe.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text heading=”Where Can I View Your Apps?” icon=”FontAwesome-comments” icon_size=”32″]You can view and download all of our apps here. (If you find any bugs in any of our apps, send us a message & you might get a reward!)[/basix_icon_text]
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FREE To Play

All Of Our Apps Are FREE So That Anyone Can Play The Without Having To Pay.

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FAST To Play

All Of Our Apps Are FAST & High Quality So You Will Rarely Come Across A Bug.

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FUN To Play

All Of Our Apps Are FUN So You Will Get Highly Addicted & Enjoy Every Second Of Playing.

We love to listen.

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